News letter.

welcome to our first salon 55 news letter .

I thought it would be a great time to start one to keep all our guests up to date with what the salon and team have been up to. Especially as we are still in lockdown and unable to see you all.

This lockdown has been the hardest yet without the sun to keep us going and with the January blues to add . But once again we have shut our lovely salon and remained at home to keep everyone safe .

The team as always stay positive and we are constantly online and keeping in contact with each other on zoom and watsapp.

Lorna, Kerri ,Ellie ,Paige and Holly have all had lock down birthdays in December and January and we look forward to celebrating these when we are allowed.

Lorna ,Holly and Ellie have completed several Loreal online education classes. Ellie has also completed an Emily monk education 3 day master class course .The whole team continues with training and education through out the lockdown and we will be bringing these skills back to the salon when we are allowed.

As well as that we have been constantly keeping up with all the health and safety that will come into place when we are allowed back in the salon as well as launching this lovely new website and online shop .

Stacey has been busy with her online course all about business and how to run a successful salon as well as redoing the website.

And of course a lot of the team are home schooling and all trying to keep up with their children's education.

The team have all been helping to run the social media and are all very active on our Facebook and instagram page and always available for any question our clients may have.

The most exciting thing to happen this year so far is that we are finalists in the hair and beauty awards in 3 categories .

Best colour salon

Best for blonde 

Best salon team.

we were thrilled to be named as finalists and can't wait for the virtual awards in march .Not that we need an award to tell us we are the best team as we already new that !!

We very much miss our lovely salon and clients and I really do hope that we will be back doing what we love soon. We have started a client appointment list for everyone who missed appointments and then clients who have asked to be added. Once we have a re open date we will be contacting all clients too get them booked back in and then we will open the list to everyone . This will obviously take a while so please be patient we will be working as quick as we can and we will again be opening up extra days and hours to make sure we fit you all in as soon as possible .

The salon will be deep cleaned and all previous covid procedures will still be in place to make sure we are keeping you all safe .

Once again we would like to thank you for your continued support and love through out this very hard time and we look forward Ito opening our salon door very soon .

best wishes the Salon 55 team x x x